Junked and aged – where to for Africa’s rise?

By Stuart Lowman

While one shouldn’t paint a continent with the same brush, two recent stats canvas an African tale in need of change.

Namibia recently joined the list of 54 countries with at least one of its debt instruments junked by the rating agencies.

The continent is also home to the oldest leadership, averaged at 65, while the average age of the continent is only 19 and a half.

With Africa failing to live up to The Economist’s picture in 2011 of the ‘rising continent’, where can it find inspiration?

Global leaders like Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau aren’t the norm, but their rise to power does represent young, energetic and different leadership. Something much needed by a continent gasping for air.

2016 political analysis highlighting the number of years the current Presidents have been in power.

Data: AfricaProfiler by Market Decisions
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