🔒 Boardroom Talk – Predators in an elite SAPS unit exposed as a criminal syndicate

By Alec Hogg

Personal experiences by members of the BizNews tribe are a critical contributor for us. They come in various forms – emails, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, LinkedIn,  WhatsApps and even SMSes.  

Last week, the BizNews Premium Interactive channel on WhatsApp was abuzz after a chilling contribution that demanded the widest possible audience. It is an audio recording by a man subject to heinous criminality by a criminal syndicate that operates within an elite unit of the SA Police Services.


The recording appears to have been meant as a message to a foreign friend. But the recording, re-posted from a security group where the affected man originally posted it, is now in the public domain. We hope the ‘good cops’ act swiftly to shut down these wolves in wolves’ clothing that Paul O’Sullivan calls ‘criminals with badges’.

The recording of the audio – and an edited transcript – is on the BizNews Premium section of the website and can be accessed by clicking here.

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