🔒 Alec Hogg: Covid’s made the rich even richer, including in SA

Despite what dramatists would have us believe, 90% of mankind’s errors stem from incompetence with only one in ten through deliberate action. But when consequences benefit an easily identified group, our minds easily conclude dark forces were at work.

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Once we all calm down sufficiently to properly assess 2020, expect an abundance of conspiracy theories. Because when considered with hindsight, government implementation of lockdowns, their massive borrowing and now obligatory vaccines will appear designed to benefit an elite. As Kevin Lings’s graph above shows, while the finances of millions were smashed last year, the rich grew ever wealthier.

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Rational thinkers like actuary Nick Hudson of PANDA, keep telling us that contrary to the marketing, Covid-19 is not an existential threat. The vast majority of mankind who get infected don’t even know they’ve had it. In the UK, which has the most reliable data, the median age of those killed by the virus is 82 (see below). SA’s life expectancy is 64.

With hindsight, the logical approach would have been to protect the small slice of society that are mortally vulnerable to this coronavirus. Instead, blanket lockdowns to protect those who did not need it, created fear and destroyed livlihoods. Incompetence delivers unintended consequences. What a pity nobody considered FDR’s warning that “The only thing we have to fear is….fear itself.”

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