Volvo EX30: SAs cheapest electric SUV

This is the third all electric vehicle from Volvo already. From a company that has pegged itself to zero emissions and electric Volvo have been at front of the action that is EVs.

The EX30 is a bold new step in the process and I have to say that whilst you can’t actually get into one yet physically (you can however order one and many of you will) the vehicle looks like what an electric vehicle should look like. It’s immediately apparent that it’s a Volvo but equally this is a Volvo that is different and super high tech.

It is small in relative terms but small doesn’t mean skimped on. 30% less steel and aluminium in the car saves resources and the planet. It’s all very green and this extends even to using recycled jeans in one of the interior choices if you like. For this author that’s a hell yes because if that isn’t the definition of tween cool then I don’t know what is.

There are all manner of clever touches to the car that point to it’s unashamedly modern approach to grabbing the best of currently available tech by the scruff of the neck and deploying it to maximum effect in the car. For example a key or even a keycard is no longer needed – you can just use your smartphone to access and drive the car. And you can share this with a few others, which in South Africa probably raises more questions than answers. But I am sure Volvo have thought about it too.

The new list of new safety equipment and clever tech is, as expected from Volvo, extensive, impressive and comprehensive. The EX 30 is going to be a safe car for it’s occupants and this is just as well because it also happens to be the fastest production car Volvo has ever built.


0-100 is despatched with in 3.6 seconds from the dual motor version of the EX 30.

Read that again and find another car anywhere close in pricing to come anywhere near this neck snapping level of outright drag. On this alone they should sell every single one that Volvo SA can lay their hands on.

There are 5 derivatives in the range. The entry level is the EX 30 Core, a single motor 51kWhr 344km range 0-100 in 5.7s at R775k.

This is then followed by the EX 30 Plus which comes with a 69kWhr battery – extending range to 480km. 0-100 drops to 5.3s (bigger battery means slightly more power extraction is possible). Pricing and spec jumps, with pricing coming in at R865k.

The first of the twin motors comes next – the EX30 Plus twin motor. This is 0-100 in 3.6 seconds and a 460km range off the same 69kWhr battery at a pricing point of R935k.

This followed by the EX30 Ultra single motor 480km range at R965k which is reflected by the spec level and same 69 kWhr battery. Finally the range topper is the EX30 Ultra with two motors – same range and brutal acceleration as the EX Plus twin motor with a price point of R996k.

This, in context with current offerings and our stupidly high import duties, means that the compact EX30 is astonishingly good value for a luxury safety class leading brand like Volvo. If this is an indication of the future, bring it on!

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