A case of mistaken identity – Centaur Asset Management

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Recent articles regarding “State Capture” and the “Guptas” have mentioned a Bermuda registered company with the same name as South African registered company, Centaur Asset Management.

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Gupta-linked “Centaur” has absolutely no affiliation or dealings with the South Africa registered “Centaur Asset Management”, which has been operating since October 2000 and is a FSCA registered asset manager. The South Africa registered Centaur Asset Management has no holding companies or subsidiaries.

Centaur Asset Management, founded by Chief Investment Officer Roger Williams has built a reputable and loyal client-base since the company’s inception by delivering award-winning returns with exceptional service and integrity. Centaur Asset Management is 100% committed to ethical behaviour at all times and complies with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Centaur Asset Management is totally opposed to state capture and has never had any dealings with the Guptas, Eric Wood or Salim Essa.

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