Peter Hain will today add tons of pressure onto Zupta network of corruption

Anti apartheid icon Peter Hain has invested enormous energy in focusing the world’s attention on corruption and pillaging in South Africa. He has done so by calling in favours earned during a long career in politics. But judging by the comments on Biznews, some are still struggling to forgive him for initiating the 1980s sports boycott.

I’m on the other side of the fence. And have no doubt our ranks will soon swell massively. Hain has worked tirelessly to uncover the Gupta smoking gun – the banking transactions detailing how these crony capitalists moved billions in ill-gotten gains out of South Africa. With the US, UK and European financial regulators now on the case this discovery is only a matter of time.

Today, Hain steps back onto centre stage in the House of Lords, delivering a speech in the UK Parliament’s fortuitously timed debate on money laundering. Be sure the super activist will use this high profile opportunity to add tons of pressure onto the crumbling Zupta network of corruption. Hope springs.

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