Zuma’s roasting by YouTube icon produces both horror and relief

Technology turns the impossible into everyday, and democratises the economic process at a rate that leaves regulators gasping. But more than that, through the Internet it has become the most powerful agent for exposing the truth to the entire world.

Watching YouTube icon PewDiePie’s 11 minute roasting of Jacob Zuma evoked a combination of horror and relief. Horror that we collectively allowed our nation to be ruled by such a clueless klutz, one now so brutally exposed by the 29 year old Swedish video rockstar (real name: Felix Kjellberg) whose YouTube channel has 96 million subscribers.

The relief comes from knowing Zuma is out of the Union Buildings, replaced by a man of exponentially higher intelligent and values. And one whose servant leadership should get the best out of a resilient nation which functioned despite appalling leadership. From that perspective, there can only be better days ahead.

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