Making money made simple. Revisiting a classic

I’m not much of a hoarder, but a few books keep making the journey in boxes as I move home and continents. Three are rare criminology text books on serial killers, which I acquired in the late 1990s when I was a crime reporter trying to understand where I might excavate new angles on the many murder cases that crossed my desk.

And then there is ‘Making Money Made Simple’, by Noel Whittaker and Magnus Heystek. Published in 1987, it was billed as the best seller adapted for South Africa and ‘The Way to Wealth in South Africa’. It was one of the first personal finance books that got me hooked on the world of investing and remains a reference guide.

I must confess that the Heystek book isn’t actually mine. It was ‘lent’ to me around the time I was still poking around at crime scenes – and I have never quite persuaded myself to return it.

The note on the yellowing first page, from Debs to Dave, provides clues to the real owner. Debs subsequently got married to Dave, and also went on to become an award-winning financial planner: Debbie Netto-Jonker, founder of Netto Invest. I moved on, from crime, to financial journalism.

Today, it’s with great delight that we have Magnus Heystek as a guest, once again, at the weekly BizNews Finance Friday webinar. He is going to be sharing his ideas on how to invest offshore without putting any more money on the table. In a nutshell, Heystek – who also picked up a few more awards for his company, Brenthurst Wealth Management, this week – is going to simplify making money for us.

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Hi Jackie,

MY mom was also a collector of crime books…. by the DOZENSSS.
She had EVERY Agatha Christie book written, plus MANY others.
I sold the AC collection a few years ago.. but still have the rest..
80 or so..
AND she was into Royalty.. UK the Europeans and Russian lot
and others.. plus special editions of books and pics of UK royal
family visits here.. plus most oher Royalty people, press cuttings,
eg Jordan, Monaco, Japan, UK etc etc. All the books plus visit
memorabilia.. plus press cuttings.. worth fair whack, me thinks.
Happy moving.
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