Daily Insider: It’s high time we dispatched Covid Fear and had some fun again

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It’s high time we dispatched Covid Fear and had some fun again

So, 79-year-old Joe Biden twice contracted Covid-19 last month and never missed a day’s work. The second infection was so mild it was only picked up through a test to double check the previous one had ended. If that’s not enough evidence the pandemic is over, what is?

Unfortunately, the return-to-normality message doesn’t appear to have permeated Sunny South Africa. On Friday evening we took our visiting niece for dinner and a show at Sandton Square. Kate Normington was excellent. The audience, pitifully small.

It was a similar experience a week before when my pal Guy treated us to front row seats at the excellent Alan Committie’s brief stint at Emperor’s Palace. SA’s smut-free, high-quality comedian was in cracking form. Again, the audience barely filled a quarter of the theatre. 

Given the pandemic is well and truly over and considering how much SA’s world class artistes like Kate, Alan and others suffered during lockdowns, surely it’s time to throw off irrational fears and show them some support? And have some fun in the process.

WATCH: The link between depression and serotonin, that depression was caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, was first posited in the 1960s. To this day, this hypothesis has reigned supreme as scientific fact with, perhaps, one of the most significant consequences being the widespread use of antidepressants. Earlier this month, this serotonin hypothesis of depression, which had been accepted as an unchallenged scientific construct for approximately six decades, was turned on its head by a UCL study published in the Molecular Psychiatry Journal. This study, which found no convincing evidence that depression is connected with low serotonin, let alone caused by it, has sent shock waves throughout the psychiatric community. To explore the implications of these findings, BizNews spoke to Dr Joanna Moncrieff, the principal investigator in this groundbreaking study. What followed was a fascinating discussion, the gravity of which cannot yet be quantified.


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