🔒 Premium: BizNews TV gets YouTube Strike – over a year old Ivermectin discussion

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Today’s newsletter was supposed to direct you at recordings of some brilliant keynotes delivered at BNC#4 last week. But that’s been delayed after we were banned from uploading fresh material after a complaint to YouTube over an Ivermectin-related video discussion we published over a year ago. Here’s the link to the audio version which you can access on Spotify.


We have always taken the view that YouTube is entitled to set its own rules on the kind of content published on its channel. So we won’t appeal the decision nor challenge the platform’s right to apply its rules as it sees fit. But we are surprised at its decision to suspend us from uploading new material until next Monday as we were unaware that our video broke any Community Guidelines. Such is life.

What the challenge does show, however, is growing desperation among the anti-Ivermectin lobby. Which is perhaps to be expected as evidence grows that this cheap, no-side-effect Nobel Prize winning drug – ridiculed by the Big Pharma and its acolytes as ‘horse medicine’ – does work against Covid-19.

Latest blow for the critics was last week’s release of a strictly controlled Brazilian study of 88 000 people that concluded regular use of Ivermectin as a prophylaxis reduced Covid mortality rates by 92%. Not the kind of thing Big Pharma, nor the WHO likes to see up in lights. But make up your own mind. Click here to access the full report.

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