Angry SAs speak: YouTube’s removal of Nick Hudson video is censorship

If you enjoyed your Easter weekend so much that you missed the latest scoop, grab a coffee and make yourself comfortable, friend. You’re going to want to hear this. Actuary Nick Hudson of PANDA (Pandemics – Data & Analytics) delivered a keynote address at last month’s BizNews Investment Conference titled, ‘The UGLY truth about the Covid-19 lockdowns‘. He disputes the effectiveness of nationwide shutdowns as well as mask mandates, saying they were “ruled out by pre-Covid science for good reasons. They have been tried; they have not worked and they have caused great harm”.

Instead of assisting to contain the spread of the virus, Hudson says the lockdown in South Africa caused infant mortality, poverty, starvation, joblessness, and an upsurge of psychological disorders.

A video of the presentation was published on YouTube, and on Thursday evening, the video was removed because it “explicitly disputes WHO guidelines on social distancing and self-isolation”.

By this time the video had 500,000 views, 20,000 ‘likes’ and well over 300 comments. Many of these comments – as you’ll see in the article ‘Grateful SAs speak: Nick Hudson lockdown talk is a must-watch!‘ – were made by community members wondering aloud how long it would take YouTube to remove the video.

As BizNews founder Alec Hogg wrote, “we have no fight with YouTube, which obviously has every right to decide whether to publish (or not) material uploaded to its platform. Also, our understanding is YouTube has a blanket agreement with the World Health Organisation, of which PANDA has been critical, so someone in Geneva probably didn’t like what Hudson said”.

“However,” Hogg continues, “we believe our community has the right to see all sides of arguments, especially one that has so massively disrupted livelihoods and economies. Others feel the same way and both Parts One and Two have been downloaded by many private citizens and subsequently uploaded to other platforms.”

Since the video’s removal, Nick Hudson has been swamped with interview requests and BizNews has been inundated with messages from the community.

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Those in favour of Hudson’s message, say ‘Aye’  

Unfortunately taken down by YT today for ‘violating community guidelines’ – I’d like to see what that means… However, what it really means is Nick is dead on balls accurate and the ‘elite’ don’t want the sheeple to know… Not until it’s too late anyway, not until they’re all chipped and masked with full social credit systems in place where the plug can be pulled at any time if they dissent…”

Hi Alec

I want to compliment you and your team on the fantastic work you are doing – informative, accurate with incredible content. As an investor in markets – albeit very small – and likewise a self-employed member of the tax contributing public, I make time to follow international and local markets and politics.

The world seems over run with people who lack integrity and ability to sift the wheat from the chaff. The balance between the left and right in nearly all instances seems to be disappearing. Also, good, honest journalists seem to be in the minority these days; too many too scared to challenge authority when required; or at least test some of the idiotic rules and decisions they (our leaders) proffer and/or pass and expect reasonably intelligent citizens to swallow without question. I really believe our liberties are at stake and am thankful I’ve already passed my first full cycle of life. I fear for the world my children have to live in (even though they are adults), the world in such unchartered territory – unfortunately not the thrilling explorative type but more of the eerie type.

Keep it up

Kind regards

Tony Rivalland

“Thank you for the update. Having had a quick look at the YouTube Community Guidelines I am at a loss at how they could come to a conclusion to remove Nick Hudson’s keynote address. Critical independent thinking by the likes of PANDA is important so the average citizen is not fed information which lacks authenticity particularly by mass media. The removal of the video is nothing more than unjustified censorship. Nick Hudson was neither derogatory, racist, inciting violence etc. in his presentation other than ‘calling out’ the WHO and Dr Fauci. Would they do the same if the Barrington Declaration was put on YouTube?” – Kevin Marlow

This cencorship ship shocked me to the core. It is equal to the very worst the Nats gave us in the sixties, seventies and eighties, except for one thing, Facebook, Google and Youtube wield infinitely more power. We live in very dangerous times but most people are blissfully unaware. I AM NOT A CONSPIRACY theorist, and believe that you can and should just ignore these fanciful fairy tales, but censoring Nick Hudson for what he portrayed in those videos boggles the mind. – Koos Marais

“I just watched the video – wow… Well done Nick Hudson… I am proud that it was South Africa that created PANDA … what a breath of fresh air. Finally, voices of reason! And well done Alec Hogg and BizNews… ‘an outlet for freethinkers and different ideas without censorship’… wow again… so rare nowadays. Keep up the great work Alec and Nick. We need more people like you out there,” says

Many thanks Alec.

I thought Nick’s presentation was outstanding, as were his answers to the questions posed by somebody afterwards (you published last week, cannot recall the name now).  I had in fact wanted to repost the video, but had not yet done so.

PANDA do great work and – even if they get something ‘wrong’ – it frightens me how they get shut down without further proper interrogation of the facts, intelligent debate, scientific discussion etc. Quite frankly, setting aside the seriousness of Covid-19 for some people, the biggest ‘killer’ in this entire situation is the impact of lockdowns.  Some vulnerable psyche’s may never recover and the long-term damage on so many other levels is potentially enormous.  I say this, with experience in having seen the enormity of some of the psychological damage done to people through fear mongering, not balanced with sufficient factual evidence and information.  And media have played right into it at times too…

My sense is that the world will pay for decades to come for the many mistakes made through lockdowns and I fear South Africa may never recover.  There are days when the craziness of it all has made me want to stop the world to get off!  NOT literally though, I promise 🙂

Warm regards

Elise Burns-Hoffman

Facebook comment

It’s about time the public stood up and objected to the selective censoring of what qualified people want to send out on YouTube, Google, Twitter etc., when it happens to disagree with said YouTube, Google or Twitter.

Who has given them the authority to censor the world?

I was very interested to hear from a respected, known business figure, his take on vaccines and how they are being used, which is likely to endanger the world by creating a vaccine-resistant virus. We already have bacteria which are now resistant to antibiotics due to overuse.

I hope you get sufficient support to take these self-appointed dictators to court. – Anon

“YouTube censorship. Nothing more. Nothing less. All under the guise of COVID-19 medical misinformation policy. The accuser and the judge all rolled into one,” comments 

“Good day Alec.

Nick Hudson is absolutely correct and hitting the nail on its head. Lockdowns remind me of the laws implemented by the Nazi’s during WW2. WHO, G7, Bill Gates and many others are using Covid-19 as an exercise to establish a new world order.

Best regards and stay safe.” – Dries Brits

“Like everyone that are not aligned to (communist-inspired) woke new world thinking, it is only a matter of time before BizNews is painted as alt-right…” writes 

Nick Hudson comment on Facebook

“Hi Alec.

I have shared the original links far and wide… now we need to use the Vimeo platform. I would be happy to load the content on our firm’s website. We have about 1,000 Accounting firms as clients in 19 countries with about 100,000 staff, mostly using our site Often. I think the message would be really good for our clients. If you agree I would gladly upload this to our platform as well?

Regards and keep up the fantastic service.” – Bruce Morgan

“Thank you, Alec Hogg and your team, for continuing to provide all necessary information via all possible channels to all your thousands of members and supporters, so that we can make our own decisions, and not just accept everything at face value that someone else’s decided we should believe.” – Faith Botha

Nick Hudson video Facebook comment

“Well done Alec – balanced reporting is required!! Keep up the good work.” – Harold Idensohn

“Really really relieved a respected member of the RSA media is seeing through the statist nonsense. Well done and keep up the good work. Also why is the RSA president a signatory to the WEF Great Reset?” – Anonymous

“I have done much personal research on the virus and lockdowns and was most impressed with Nick Hudson’s well researched and presented material.  A superb piece highlighting and exposing the key issues.

It is unacceptable that alternative views to the current narrative are being censored by the likes of YouTube. It’s disturbing times we live in when freedom of speech and alternative views are being suppressed by major media outlets. Reminds one of a communist/fascist approach to media governance and control. Even more alarming is its happening in the land of so called free speech – America.

I trust that brave journalists like yourself will endeavour to continue to reveal the truth far and wide, so that people can make better informed decisions for themselves.  If not, I am afraid that an entirely new paradigm of life awaits the world.” – Anonymous

Nick Hudson video Facebook comment

Well done Alec. It used to be the nasty politicians noted for censoring whatever they did not happen to like. Now it seems thousands of little Hitlers are crawling from under their stones to exercise the power of their media presence.

They all need a good kick in the hindquarters. I was so impressed I almost took out a subscription.

All the best

This is disgusting.  I am finding news media and academic institutions are muzzling debate and directing thought in their selected directions.

“Provided matters are well researched there are often matters on which their will be different opinions. Today it would appear that science is often not fact based but is consensus based.  Results are not being determined by the scientific method but by media driven popular consensus.”

“All academic and scientific human progress requires reasoned debate.  Educational institutions in particular are failing to deliver on one of their fundamental objectives and purposes in society if they fail to foster this atmosphere of a free society, questioning and debate.”


Rob Jeffrey

“Thank you for letting me know. I loved Nick Hudson’s presentation and stand with you all the way.” – Sally Jenkinson

“Thank you for this update – much appreciated. I had noticed that the presentation was missing when a friend to whom I had sent the link texted me to say it was no longer available. I was shocked – even though I have watched many compelling, well-informed and powerfully expressed differing perspectives disappear from social media under the banner of ‘misinformation’. You’d think that by now, I would have a thicker hide… The level of intrusion into the domain of free speech is startling to me. At the age of 70, I had come to simply believe that the right to a differing point of view was a given. Just goes to prove that advancing age still leaves open much room for naiveté.

I have taken the liberty of passing along the contact info for Nick Hudson to Brian Rose at London Real ( You may be aware that London Real established its own media platform after having several thoughtful, extensive and compelling conversations removed from YouTube – with the final step of cancelling their channel completely. I have found Brian Rose to be a provocative, well-informed and respectful interviewer. After checking with their staff to confirm that I had not missed something, I believe that Nick Hudson’s absence from this platform does us all a disservice.

Thank you for your great work! I only recently discovered your website, channel and radio show. I now subscribe and share your material with my friends and colleagues.” – Louise LeBrun

Those not in favour, raise your hands

“I see this was published yesterday. Damn, for a moment I thought it was all just a tasteless April fools joke. But apparently not. Sigh,” comments Stewie.

“You would have been a good citizen of East Germany, comrade, and would no doubt also have ratted on your own family. Stalin and Mao send their regards,” replies Jared van Niekerk.

Syd Kaye says that “like anti vaxxer ex-Doctor Andrew Wakefield this chap will keep popping up as long as there is YouTube and the sort of person who believes that one person knows ‘the truth’ and that the whole world is involved in a conspiracy to hide it”.

Stewie agrees. “Exactly. Nic, and only Nic ‘knows the truth’. The rest of us are all in the matrix. The scary thing is that following his BS can literally result in loss of life. He should be held accountable.”

Nick Hudson video comment on Facebook

Nick Hudson video comment

Above all, BizNews believes in presenting all sides of an argument so that readers can make up their own minds. As such, the Nick Hudson videos can be accessed on Vimeo:

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