Daily Insider: A personal reminder of SA’s huge potential once governance is sorted

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Eastern Cape adventure that’s been a reminder of what’s possible for SA

Adrian Gardiner, the entrepreneur whose vision created the Eastern Cape’s substantial game tourism sector, in the relocated railway carriage that’s part of the Founder’s Lodge accommodation offering. 

After yesterday, I can almost imagine what it must be like to have Elon Musk show you around his Tesla factory. Just better. As you might imagine it would be for someone being shown where and how the Eastern Cape game tourism sector by the man whose vision created it. 

Serial entrepreneur Adrian Gardiner is bearing down on 80, but judging from the time we spent together yesterday, retains every ounce of his trademark enthusiasm. After a full life building businesses ranging from logistics to farming, swimming pools to cranes, his recent efforts have been focused on the hospitality sector and property development –  sectors facing tough challenges in today’s South Africa. 

Gardiner’s unfailing optimism – stock in trade for any business creator – has driven him towards new partnerships with local communities in his adopted Eastern Cape. Sharing time with a man who loves tackling what others believe impossible, has been great fun. But also, a powerful reminder of SA’s vast potential – and dividends which will flow to a nation once it installs even half-decent political governance. Roll on 2024.  

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