Seismic shift in SA political governance we all need to know about

It’s been a momentous seven days for South Africa, a week that started with a judgement that will transform our political governance and, last night, an end to the contradictory and often poorly executed lockdown of the economy. The relationship between the two events is not obvious. After our Noontime Thursday webinar today, it will be.

The sudden ending of the lockdown, a reversal of the ANC inner circle’s previous position, suggests something stirred somewhere deep within the bosom of a political party created to rule until the Second Coming. As well it might. Because the party, and its president, last Thursday came out on the wrong side of a critical Constitutional Court judgement.

In a nutshell, our Parliamentarians no longer have to be members of a political party. The monopoly that delivered cadre deployment and slavish loyalty to ideology rather than the national good is ending. Independents will now be allowed to stand for election to the National Assembly without having served any dues as an ANC, DA, EFF or FF Plus member.

Our two guests will unpack this seismic shift in today’s Noontime Thursday webinar: Teresa Conradie of the legal firm which drove the case, Maphalla, Mokate, Conradie. Plus entrepreneur and former mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba. Independent minds both, they’ll be on hand to explain why it means so much to the rest of us. Attendance is free but you do need to register here:

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