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MARGIN comes first – Mario Pretorius Business Tip 4

“MARGIN is oxygen and sustenance – Protect it!” That’s the essence of the latest Mario Pretorius Tip. Margin, he says, absorbs mistakes; generates emergency cash; allows bargaining room. It is the lifeblood without which “bells toll and gravediggers gather” he warns. GK   Protect the margin first. Then boost the turnover. Margin is the buffer … Read more

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How is your Business? Mario Pretorius – Tip 1

How is your business? It’s a question frequently asked – whether it be in the boardroom, in an investment forum, on the squash court, or over a dinner table. “HOW IS my business!” would be the reply of corporate strategist Mario Pretorius. It’s the HOW that drives the business model he says in this, his … Read more

Mario Pretorius

The Unconventional CEO – Mario Pretorius

Business management specialist and strategist Mario Pretorius, CEO of JSE-listed TeleMasters Holdings Ltd since 2007, has packaged his knowledge, experience and advice into a new book titled “The Unconventional CEO: Common sense outside of conventional Management thinking”. It features close to 100 pieces of easy-to-read wisdom on corporate leadership – based on Mario’s long academic … Read more