Carrie Adams: A toast to heroes, adventurers, storytellers and singers of song

It’s been said that dads are the most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers and singers of song…

With Father’s Day looming I thought we should shine a light on these extraordinary beings in our lives and celebrate them the best way I know how – with the gift of wine. I have a million memories of my father who very sadly left for a better place a couple of years ago. Hardly a day goes by without a reminder from somewhere of this kind, gentle, clever and seriously funny human I was lucky enough to call dad for 58 years. He was actually the most irresponsible of creatures really, choosing rather to focus on the esoteric, the consequential (if left of centre) and ‘ungrabbable’ things in life that probably resulted in leaving us all with an unshakeable knowledge of what was right. He created three seriously infuriating, questioning minds. I don’t remember ever being disciplined by Raymond. He chose rather to censure us in a way that left us feeling terrible about whatever our misdemeanour was rather than create a scene. He made it unbearably difficult to let him down. He was, in essence, the epitome of truth and simple good from every angle. And all the while,  he reminded us that life was such fun. We really did break the Richter scale for laughter in our home.

So in honour of mine, and a million other of these gorgeous human beings, let’s make this Father’s Day uber-special for them. Groote Post make the perfect red and white blends called Old Man’s Blend. If you follow the articles published through BizNews, then perhaps you would have read the lovely story from the Pentz boys at Groote Post who wrote about these wines that were borne in deference to their own dad. They are not expensive and are both delicious. It’s winter time and so reds should really be on the wine list. There is a host of superb offerings in the BizNews shop from which to choose. I love the delicate yet serious Pinot Noirs from Iona, the flavourful Shiraz from Wildekrans, and some of the blends from Vrede en Lust. Go online and have a look, remembering that everything in the shop comes with our endorsement – I will arm wrestle anybody on the quality of our selection.

I wish all the dads of the world a brilliant day on 19th June.

Happy sipping.

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