The Seasalter story

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By Nick Pentz

Seasalter is the Groote Post Sauvignon Blanc wine with a dash of wood and Semillon, wrapped in a maritime influenced blue branding.

In 2013, on one of my wine marketing trips to the UK, I found myself travelling along the Kent coastline to have lunch at the well-known pub, The Sportsman, which just happened to be in the small town of Seasalter.

I immediately loved the name Seasalter as it was so reminiscent of Groote Post overlooking the icy Atlantic ocean. I knew straight away that Seasalter, as a name, would find its way into the world of Groote Post in years to come, not being sure at that stage in what guise it would be.

For many years, Lukas, our winemaker, had been experimenting with Sauvignon Blanc with the use of partial oaking as well as the addition of Semillon to the wine. Lukas came to me one day and said that he had an interesting wine of top quality that he wanted to get into bottle. In fact, it was a 2015 vintage of Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon that was then bottled without a label or identity.

I just thought to myself, here was our opportunity to put Seasalter to work, as a potential wine brand. So I had a name, but still needed a label and packaging design. I approached ALDC (Anthony Lane Design Consultancy) with a maritime look and feel brief. It went as follows. I am standing on the Darling hills overlooking the icy Atlantic with the sea breeze in my face. Huge waves are breaking on the shoreline onto rock outcrops strewn with kelp. The West Coast smell of salty air with an underlying iodine whiff fills your senses. The backwash of the waves rolls over crushed seashells with seagulls drifting through the sea mist.

The design had to reflect the maritime setting and not necessarily the existing Groote Post brand. It was important that Seasalter could have its own identity as a stand-alone brand.

Needless to say the blue cap of Seasalter, the maritime look and feel of the label as well as the striking blue of the carton have been a huge hit with our Groote Post wine followers the world over. This of course complements the contents of the bottle, the wine itself reflecting the distinct minerality of Darling Sauvignon Blanc. Seasalter Sauvignon Blanc has it all multiple layers of flavours, complemented by the careful use of new wood and a small percentage of Semillon, a wine with a palate texture that never fails to impress.

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