How do we get Cyril, Jeff to grow a pair?

One gets a different perspective when you’re 9 000km away from home.

Many in London think SA is doomed. Mainly because they see a Mugabe-like President supported by a system that focuses enormous power on his person.

Maybe. But we also know there are still some smart, competent people around Zuma. So the obvious question is how one gets Cyril Ramaphosa, Jeff Radebe and others like them to grow a pair?

They might consider taking a leaf out of the Nhlanhla Nene playbook. And realize history will judge them harshly if they refuse to side with the increasingly restless people of South Africa. Rather than continue with unquestioned loyalty to a deeply flawed President.

  • John Dove

    Both of them are most concerned with being as close as possible to the centre of power. Neither sees any point in taking a risk that might just move them out of the inner circle.

    I call it absence of balls.

  • peterq

    What gets me is they are protecting one man who is handing control of the country to the Guptas. It is insane, Zuma should be charged with treason.

  • peterq

    At last, someone else who see’s Nene dismissal as Zuma handing over the State to the Guptas. That is all it was.

  • Lawrence Dahl

    Cyril is “smart and competent”? Maybe five years ago, but he seems to have had his brain downsized and diluted since returning to active politics. I have a theory that the real Cyrl – the legendary Cyril of yore – was kidnapped and is being held in a warehouse near Nkandla, while some sort of android that resembles Cyril takes his place as DP. Or maybe the legendary Cyril of yore never really existed…

  • Kiepie

    The eternal optimist in me would like to believe that they’re quietly busy plotting the ousting of the wrecking ball.