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SAA to restructure into three separate units

South African Airways will create three distinct business units focusing on domestic flights, pan-African travel and other international routes as the debt-laden airline battles to repair its balance sheet.

18th February 2019

MTN Uganda CEO deported; fourth exec this year

MTN, JohannesburgMTN’s Uganda business head was deported over what police called a national security matter, the latest in a string of headaches that Africa’s biggest wireless carrier has had around the continent.

15th February 2019

Ramaphosa and the time of tough choices

Cyril Ramaphosa, ANC,Perhaps the weightiest thing Cyril Ramaphosa said was “We are at a moment in our history where we need to make difficult choices.”

15th February 2019

How to help hasten the demise of fake news

fake newsDownload Orson Welles's classic movie Citizen Kane where you'll witness the world's first mass production of fake news by what we now call the Yellow Press.

14th February 2019

Protect yourself and your business

Carrick Wealth Business RisksBuilding a successful business requires much planning, often a lifetime of hard work and does not come without risk, yet there are many risks which are often overlooked.

14th February 2019