Steinhoff’s bid to crowbar R1.1bn from former execs

Steinhoff StellenboschSteinhoff’s effort to recoup salaries from former executives appears to be heading for a lengthy legal battle as ex-Chief Financial Officer Ben la Grange joined his former boss in filing an objection.

23rd August 2019

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More money from your living annuity

Steven Nathan, 10X Investments CEOSteven Nathan, founder and CEO of 10X Investments, says most people choose a living rather than a guaranteed annuity. It’s the lesser of the two evils.

7th August 2019

Nedbank calls for faster action

NedbankNedbank says structural reforms aimed at stemming the current economic and fiscal deterioration in SA need to be implemented with greater urgency.

6th August 2019

SLR Diary: Levelling the playing field via insult

There’s something for everybody in Simon Lincoln Reader’s satirical columns, sometimes so well-written that I’m sure his detractors can’t wait to scour every paragraph to feed their fetishes.

15th August 2019