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Gauteng sees Covid-19 infection surge

Covid-19The economic hub of South Africa has seen Covid-19 infections surge to a record high, with 67% of Tuesday's infections recorded in Gauteng alone.

23rd June 2021

Want 5 more years of 12J?

12JFutureneers has partnered with the KSE Solar Fund to offer its investors a 5-year payment plan to claim a Section 12J tax benefit of 5 times their upfront cash invested.

22nd June 2021

Private share portfolios vs. unit trusts

Unit trustsThere is an ongoing debate on whether one should invest in the stock market through private share portfolios or unit trusts or similar pooled investment vehicles.

23rd June 2021

A proud nation

South Africa is a proud nation but there needs to be more evidence of this pride from the ruling elite, not the hubris that has been exposed at the Zondo Commission.

9th June 2021