Colonisers extend influence by giving back war spoils

Tewodros II, EthiopiaThe return of two stolen locks of hair cut from the body of fiercely independent and far-sighted, unifying emperor of Ethiopia, Tewodros II, has been hailed as major goodwill gesture by his latter-day countrymen.

22nd March 2019

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Nedbank lifted by Ecobank recovery

NedbankNedbank has benefitted from a turnaround at its Ecobank Transnational International associate as growth in its home market continues to stagnate.

5th March 2019

RCL cries fowl over cheap imports

RCL Foods, Rainbow ChickensRCL Foods says the local market has been flooded with imports of chicken, mainly from Brazil and America, leading to oversupply.

5th March 2019