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Aspen strikes deal to cut cost of HIV drugs

Aspen HoldingsAspen Pharmacare agreed to a partnership with India’s Laurus Labs to boost supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients that will help reduce the cost of HIV drugs.

20th September 2019

False Bay’s slow denuding – Tony Weaver

Great White SharkAs a former angling columnist for the Cape Times who worked alongside Tony Weaver, Chris Bateman received increased sightings of Orcas, both in False Bay and on the Atlantic coastline.

6th September 2019

De-mystifying a move to the USA

The increase in inquiries for immigration information to the United States of America (USA) has reached a fever pitch in South Africa.

5th September 2019

SLR Diary: Ostrich-like, flatulent MPs serve no-one

Zapiro, gender violenceSocialist MPs in the UK and South Africa are currently so busy serving themselves in ongoing episodes of what would be deep satire were it not so dangerous for those who elected them.

6th September 2019

Making Africa proud – Ndlovu Youth Choir

South Africa's Ndlovu Youth ChoirThey may not have won but the joy and transcendence the Ndlovu Youth Choir radiated to the world, and self-remembering and pride they gave back to us as South Africans is worth infinitely more than victory status and money.

19th September 2019