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Alec Hogg’s newsletter for Premium members. Tuesday, 28th November 2023

It’s webinar day today, and there’s good news indeed for those resilient individuals who replicated the BizNews Shyft portfolio which kicked off at the peak of the tech market.


Despite our initial purchase at the market’s high point, some strategic portfolio adjustments and the depreciating Rand have transformed what once seemed a hopeless situation. Now, the portfolio is finally showing positive returns. This interactive webinar is exclusive for Premium members.

The importance of always keeping an open mind resurfaced during my interview yesterday with Dr Kelvin Kemm, the Pretoria-based global nuclear power expert. He shared a fascinating story of how SA was the third country in the world to commit to nuclear power (after the US and UK) but has badly blown such foresight.

A former advisor to Jacob Zuma, Dr. Kemm suggests that a lot of misinformation has been circulating, but believes the tide is turning. He argues that nuclear energy could be a permanent solution to load shedding issues. Here’s the link to the interview and transcript.  

Plus a couple of fresh Premium pieces worth reading:

Catch you at noon.



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