Mark Lamberti resigns from Business Leadership South Africa board

BLSA media statement:

Mr Mark Lamberti has resigned from the Board of Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA).

BLSA members are committed to playing their part in creating a South Africa of increasing prosperity for all and to delivering economic growth, transformation and inclusion, amongst others, by encouraging and empowering senior black leadership.

Against this context, and following the recent High Court judgment on the merits in favour of Ms Adila Chowan and against Associated Motor Holdings, Imperial Holdings and himself, the BLSA Board appreciates Mr Lamberti’s apology.

Mark Lamberti, chief executive of Imperial Holdings. South Africa’s sixth largest company listed on the JSE by revenue.

BLSA also appreciates the commitment provided by Mr Lamberti and the Imperial Board to accelerate the
Imperial Group’s transformation initiatives of recent years.

BLSA knows that its members will take from this moment important lessons on how better to manage the transformation so critical to the future of this country.

Mr Lamberti is the BLSA’s longest-serving director and has a strong track record of contribution both to the various businesses he has led and to the country. The BLSA Board thanks Mr Lamberti for the years of guidance and his service to BLSA.

BLSA will make no further comment.

  • Business Leadership South Africa exists to create a more prosperous and inclusive South Africa. 
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