This is the future: Top numerologist Sandy Smith – bad year for Zuma, worse ahead for ANC

In December last year, South Africa’s leading numerologist Sandy Smith offered insights into what was likely to happen in 2016. She correctly predicted a terrible year for Jacob Zuma and a sea change in politics after the Municipal Elections. She accurately called a number of other major events. In this fascinating interview she provides an update and delves into the numbers to share what lies ahead for Jacob Zuma, Pravin Gordhan, Thuli Madonsela, Donald Trump, Atul Gupta and others – plus some advice on where to invest your money right now (hint: it’s yellow and shiny). – Alec Hogg

Sandy Smith
Sandy Smith

On the 10th of December, last year, we had a discussion with Sandy Smith, South Africa’s foremost numerologist and she’s back with us a year on. Sandy, lots of what you said has come to pass – not least about Jacob Zuma, that he was on a 5-life path. Anybody who wants to go and see how numerology works etc. can go and read the previous interview but just to recap on that; a 5-life path (you mentioned Jacob Zuma – the President of South Africa) is cold and calculating. He feels no pain and he was in for a tough year.

Yes. He’s got a 5-life path, which is all about money and power. He’s got no perspective about responsibility. I don’t think he would even see his presidency as an opportunity to actually do the good and live a life thereafter with some kind of good sense of delivery. He’s actually in a 7-11 year. He’s got about five 7’s and he’s got an 11. This has an impact on his year, which started on the 12th of April of 2016 and that continues to his birthday in 2017. Then he’s got a semi-okay year. Then there’s detriment for another three or four years after that. If we stick on where he is at the moment, his turning point would be October into November where the turning point is six months after his birthday, which is when it’s critical and this is when the ball starts to roll, so I’ve had a lot of people saying “Well, you said he’d be out by October” and I said “No, this is where it begins” and it started to rear its head in October and it’s definitely rock ‘n roll now in November. This is not going to stop, it’s going to continue.

Escalating, is it going to get worse?

Yes, without a doubt, it’s not going to get any better for him.

The momentum perhaps started with Thuli Madonsela’s Public Protector Report which isn’t going to be swept under the carpet.

No, it can’t be swept under the carpet because that’s all gone public, so it’s quite interesting because we also spoke about the Neptune in Pisces where the people would rise which we did in the municipal elections and I think that many people feel quite empowered that they’ve made a choice to go with another party, not their normal party that they would vote for because they need to play this to get people to understand and the ANC hasn’t even really delved too deep in accepting how much they lost. It’s just only in the past week or so they’ve been having so-called meetings. I still think that their rhetoric is “Oh we’ll get the people back again” and at this point unless Zuma goes, they most definitely won’t.

Just to pick up on the voting part, because again in December last year when we spoke, you did warn that the next vote would see a major correction. Well, we did see that in the municipal election. Are you looking ahead or are you seeing this correction becoming even more exaggerated?

For sure because we will go and vote again in 2019 and it’s normally around April or May.

That is correct.

That is perfect because South Africa will be in a three-four year, so there’s definitely going to be a change of power, there’s no doubt and I think it could be a collective shared power. There could be a combination of three parties or two parties where one party brings in a whole lot of other parties to give them even more power and I just don’t see that is necessarily going to be ANC. I think it would be, for example, the DA shaking hands with, whether it’s EFF or Inkatha Freedom Party etc. We’ve had the far left on one side, we’ve had the far right on the other side, we now need to go to the middle, and that we will go to the middle without a doubt. The people are going to speak in 2019 for sure.

When we last spoke you did mention the words ‘impeachment of Zuma’ are you seeing that still?

Well, remember I said “Some type of anti…” you know, I used that word and I wasn’t sure if I was right with my terminology and my feeling is that he would resign due to health reasons, which you know, we will go “Yeah, yeah, right, okay”, but age is not on his side. To be impeached, versus all of the legal cases, definitely something’s going to happen, if it happens to be the words, ‘to be impeached’, yes. I’m not sure that I’m right with my wording on what is going to happen, but I think there’s going to have to be a stepdown. As far as the ANC is concerned, they want to keep him and for him to finish his term, but I think that there’s going to be a lot of pressure from elsewhere that they’re going to have to start shaking the tree and letting a few people fall off the three.

You were looking at the numbers for Cyril Ramaphosa; the suggestion was that he would not become president, in fact, that the next president of South Africa would be female.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa
Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa

Well, I said it would be female yes, and the only person we really looked at was Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, because no other names have come forward or people have asked me about so-and-so or so-and-so. I know that everybody’s voting for Thuli Madonsela to be president, but if we go back to Cyril, Cyril is in such a tough time because he has a 9-life path, he’s in his 9-life path here, so he’s doing an enormous amount of thinking. I think that his individuality, his leadership abilities are very strong, but he’s going into detriment from the word ‘leader’.

His birthday is on the 17th of November, which is starting here in the next couple of days, he’s got to go and re-find who he is and where does he stand and he has to stand up and he has to lead and dry up. I know he’s made a few little statements about some of the things that have happened and he’s not in support of and I don’t want to say what they are because they’re not in the foremost in my mind, but I just don’t see how he might land up heading the ANC, but I don’t know that, that will happen or that he will actually ever be a president. He’s way, way too soft.

That’s clearly from his numbers, but if you were to look at the numbers of Thuli Madonsela, (you said a bit earlier that there are many who would like to see her as the president), where do you see her career going from here, given that she’s at such a peak at the moment?

Photo published courtesy of Twitter @townzarmedia
Photo published courtesy of Twitter @townzarmedia

She is born on the 28th of September 1962 and it’s so interesting, she has an 11-life path, which makes her be there for the people and for the masses and it’s got the words ‘galore’ and ‘galore of the universe’ as well, so what is interesting is, if we had to go to 2019, I’m just seeing that, could she be a candidate up for the job, hell yes. She’s in a most awesome year that year, that I think that this might be something that, or she stands up for the party she votes for, but there’s something very strong with her. I like everything about her, she would be for the people, and she has no ill-gotten gain scenarios in her numbers at all.

Fascinating, what about the man of the moment, Pravin Gordhan, have you had a chance to look at his numbers?

Yes, so now this is where we have a little bit of fun because Pravin Gordhan is born on the same day as Zuma, different year, but the same day and this is why you see this Clash of the Titans because they’re looking at themselves. The difference with Pravin is that he’s way more grounded; he has such an awesome sense of humour in his numbers, but what a tough time he is in. He has all of the power games around him until April of 2018, so there’s going to be the politicking and the power games, oh big time, still all around him until his birthday in 2018 and as long as he uses, he’s got triple fours which says he pays much attention to detail and as a matter of fact, he would be the person that I would happily put up for president.

When you say “Happily put up for president”, is that what the numbers are telling you are you just talking from a personal -?

Pravin Gordhan, South Africa's finance minister. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg
Pravin Gordhan, South Africa’s finance minister. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Yes, there’s definitely an opportunity that in 2019, he goes into such a public year that he’s right out front, he is seen, he is heard by everybody, so this could be, from a job perspective, it could come from many different forms but could he be put up for that job and be up for it, hell yes, absolutely. He has awesome numbers, but if he was to be in front of me, I’d say “Watch your back and don’t stop watching your back until your birthday in 2018 because there’s going to be a whole lot of rhetoric that’s coming down and I think there are many people that are going to look for one miniscule mistake and make it into world news”.

So he has 18 months of having to be steadfast still?


What about the other big personalities, the Gupta’s, Atul Gupta perhaps.

This is really interesting because Atul Gupta’s actually born on the same day as Donald Trump, but different year. He’s born 14th of June 1968. His name Atul Kumar Gupta speaks of very good money, it also speaks of legal and illegal. He is very unsettled, he’s very unsure; his whole personal life is in a shambles. Monetary-wise he’s in the year of discovery and disclosure, so no matter what he does, what he says, he’s not going to get away with anything. He moves into a shocking year in June of next year, so he has two of his worst years ahead of him and the worst part is that he’s aligned numerically with Zuma, so just being aligned, they’re kind of tied at the ankle together, so whatever goes down with Zuma, Atul is going to feel the rhetoric from there.

That’s fascinating, so you actually see that in the numbers Sandy, that the two of them are aligned that way?

Yes, absolutely and I think what is also interesting, Arti Gupta is also, he is aligned with Zuma and he has three, four very bad years, five years starting now, 24th of October, so he’s in a terrible time for five years. Varun Gupta, which is a nephew of Atul, his job’s in jeopardy for the next five years, so there’s impact from Atul that kind of ricochet’s down. Then I have Chaitali Gupta, he’s the only one I’m not seeing too bad, yet it won’t get any better for him but he’s making a hell of a lot of money. I think he’s also starting some new businesses, so that’s really quite the in thing with Chaitali and I’m not sure, it’s just that I have all of the names and dates of birth off of their various companies, Oakbay, Afripalm Holdings, Vusizwe Media and Sahara Media Holdings. It’s a nightmare what they’ve been up to.

You mentioned Donald having the same birthday as Atul Gupta, there’s an interesting point. What is Trump’s outlook?

The interesting thing is my prediction that Hillary would win and I never knew about this electoral vote. I don’t think I’ve really ever allowed my brain to wrap itself around the politics and how the House works and the Senate works is too confusing, so I predicted that she would win, but she won the popular vote, where he won the electoral vote and it says here “The Electoral College representatives may have to pay a fine for the way their states voted, that this could still see that Hilary becomes president”.

Where did you get that from?

I did some homework because I’m still kind of flummoxed that my prediction, I was right on Clinton, yes she got the popular vote and the popular vote is the people vote, where the electoral is, certain people in each state have a right to vote and if they get more points than another state or more points than the popular vote, their vote is more powerful than the people’s vote.

Yes, it’s a very strange system, but as you say, she did win the popular vote, but just what does it look like for Trump though, what does Trump look like going ahead?

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

I wouldn’t like to be in the year he is in, because this has definitely knocked his socks off. I don’t think he was thinking he was going to win, I think he was just playing the devil’s advocate along the way and his whole system in his home environment is very, very rocky. There’s lots of personal legal things and he could be easily impeached before he even becomes president or just after he becomes president because there is something about his personal life, that there could be a whole lot of legal matters that are going to surface and we know he has the university legal case, that his turning point is December the 14th and that’s where this whole rhetoric could actually take a different tone for him.

You know, there’s also, he has to, obviously declare all his taxes now and of course, you know he’s never paid taxes in 20 odd years. I just don’t’ think that, that’s going to sit well with many people but at this point if this electoral vote doesn’t get questions and get toned and they stay and they accept the electoral vote and that Trump is in, I think it’s quite interesting because I think that even in America, like we were tired of the rhetoric that’s going on here and our municipal votes changed, so their votes have actually created a massive change and I think this is also very good to wake up the parties about where they stand. This old way and this old power-that-be is not working anymore and the people have the power, where the electoral vote had the power here.

I just think that he seems to have backed down a bit because he doesn’t have the fight anymore, the challenge is not there anymore, Hillary’s kind of off the stage now and you know he’s allowing himself, he looks to shock and you know, the whole Russia story and sort of probably going to shake hands with Putin is so interesting because he’s in alignment with Russia and he’s in alignment with Putin. I don’t know that this is going to be very smart. Oh, Lordy he concerns me terribly and the other thing I’m going to say is that he’s already had a threat on his life during his campaign and that won’t be the last one, so that is quite a concern. Then I see a massive death around him at his birthday in 2018 to 2019. That could easily being his own death, I’m not saying that it is. I haven’t looked for it, but there is definitely a death that sits very close to him. It’s either his or somebody of a bloodline member in his family.

All of that, that you’ve just described now with Trump getting closer to Russia, will be getting the gold bulls excited, do you have any outlook for the gold price?

Gold is a win for sure. It’s definitely a win all round. It’s wandering around, it’s trying to get on the highway, it keeps getting off the highway and it’s going to go back again, so we went up to $1300 and it’s come down to $1210 at the moment I think, but I definitely see it going to turn and the Rand is the same kind of thing, because the Rand is born on Valentine’s Day and the Rand is going to look very good from December and then it really starts to turn in April and then August of next year it is doing well, very well.

So, the Rand looks strong or is headed for a better future, gold is headed for a better future?


ANC flag. Picture courtesy of Twitter
ANC flag

You’re worried about Trump, if you were either Zuma or a Gupta, you’d be particularly worried, but someone like Pravin Gordhan, Thuli Madonsela, they will be coming more to the ascendancy as we get closer to the 2019 election, which you think the ANC won’t win.

I don’t think that they’re going to win; I think this is going to be a share power. I think it’s going to be a… I’m going to call it a collective power.

So democracy is alive and well and living in South Africa.

Absolutely and I’m telling you now, Alec, I wouldn’t be anywhere else because what is about to happen around the Northern Hemisphere with the Euro and how many countries are going to step away from the Euro and it’s really interesting, the shock of Brexit, in a sense is exactly what happened with America, they are very closely aligned and numerically, so what affects one will ripple affect the other. You can see much of the change, just from our municipal elections, Brexit and then Trump coming in which was really not expected or is making people very nervous, but that is the change that is coming. Now we have to just make sure that Trump doesn’t try to be a Putin and stay in power for 30 odd years or whatever and this change that’s coming is so important. The people need to just remember that with Neptune and Pisces, if we don’t stand up nothing is going to happen.

How do you mean?

We have to make our voices heard, we can’t just go “Oh well, Zuma’s in power and there’s nothing we can do”, there’s a lot we can do and I think the voting in the municipal elections showed the people did something. The people that voted for Brexit, their turnout was 54 percent, if I’m right and America’s turnout was 59 percent, or I might have the figures the wrong way around, but their turnout for voting was shocking. I think our turnout for voting was way better.

In other words, there is change in the air but you’ve actually got to stand up and be part of it.

Absolutely and you know, the power lies in the masses and if the masses don’t stand up and get into that queue then we’re going to allow those odd 5000 people that are heading a political party to run the country. No, a lot of power is going to change Alec and I think another big, big, big thing that’s going to shift that’s already started to shift and that’s banks, their power is coming to an end?

What would cause that, technology?

Technology definitely, but also the responsibility of how we pay and they make us pay, that’s got to change as well.

If you look at it from an investment perspective, clearly you wouldn’t want to invest in banks and clearly you would want to invest in gold, but how would you spread those investments?

Well, I would first of all say to anybody, “If you’re buying any foreign currency now, you’re making a mistake because you’re going to lose, if you’ve got foreign currency then keep it and look at it from a long-term perspective”, because I think that things will take a serious change in 2019 because that’s America’s worst year coming and that affects the whole of America. I think that there’s going to be a turn in the metals and again, I’ll bring up one point that I finished on, on our last interview in December, water’s going to be one of the biggest investments and the biggest area to make money.

Just say that again.

Water, water, water.

How do you make money out of water?

You know there are going to be many people taking salt water and turning it into drinking water. Water is where… you know there’s all of this different kind of farming and allowing those covers to capture its own water and feed, so there’s a lot of change of how we’re going to farm, how we use water and the respect of water and water is probably one of the powerful things on this planet. We just saw the storms that happened in South Africa. In the next two years there’s going to be even worse things to deal with water, how badly it’s going to affect us by having no water or having too much water or that our restriction on how much water we can use and what we can use it for is going to get tougher.

Sandy, just to close off with and maybe to recap a little, with the science that you use, numerology which has been around for thousands of years, is that saying that the world is entering into a volatile period now? We’re seeing a lot of change happening that we can feel around us, but from the research you is this aligned with what we’re seeing?

Yes, first of all, the year 2000 to 2999, just that first digit tells you that this is water, mother earth is birthing, so her waters are breaking and it’s all about water, but two is about how we work together, how we share, how we uplift, how we handle working in partnership with people and how we’ve got to look at the greater goodness of the world may it be eco, whatever it is and this whole Neptune and Neptune is water. Neptune is in Pisces, which is water and that’s there for 26 years, so that causes a lot of change and it forces the people to make the change, so that’s a very strong part of where we are times and times-a-changing, yes.

As always if you want more information, what’s your website?

My website,, I’m on all the platforms, @sandynumerology, I’m on Facebook, Sandy’s Numerology and my email [email protected].

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