The best way to collect a Christmas tree…in a BMW E30 M3 pickup

By Miles Downard

Us here in sunny South Africa have likely never experienced the joy of picking out a freshly sawn Christmas tree. It’s often depicted in movies as a wonderful family event; everyone out and about in the fresh snow, white flakes shimmering off the tips of the branches in the gentle sunlight, clouds of condensation whipping off people’s lips in the crisp air. A truly magical time.

That is unless dad forgot to arrange the outing and is now tearing around in the near darkness trying to lay his hands on the last remaining tree so as to not disappoint the children. Nothing like a last minute rush before Christmas to get the blood flowing.

And if that sounds like something you might be doing in the last days before Christmas then this video from BMW’s M division throws a new light on the seemingly dreaded task. That’s because there’s nothing quite like whipping around in a classic M car to turn a flat panic into a bit of fun. And a rather practical M car at that, even if it does strip the tree bare. Here’s to a wonderful festive season from us at BizNews Motoring.

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