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Featuring Alec Hogg's Daily Worldview

Exclusive to Biznews Premium is London-based Hogg's daily Worldview commentary where he offers forthright insights and ideas on investment-related matters.

Other highlights of the section include:

  • Investing Masterclass - In-depth profiles of the world's most successful investors unpacking the processes they use to accumulate wealth and how to apply them in your own affairs.
  • Share of the month - A focused assessment of a recommended long-term investment opportunity with an easy-to-understand narrative on why the company is appealing and the intrinsic value below which the shares can be accumulated.
  • Special reports - Deeper analysis on a subject of interest to investors. Among the topics being researched are The Bitcoin world; How to identify and invest in Exponential companies; Why the mushrooming Shared Value business model is a must for investors; and Trading the Rand.
  • CEO webinars - Live interaction with chief executives of companies to help subscribers understand the business better with an eye to possible investment in their shares.

I'm absolutely certain you will find this is the best value for money investment you'll make this year

- Alec Hogg

Exclusive Webinar Access

You will also be able to participate in at least two live and interactive webinars a month hosted by founder Alec Hogg. In these sessions he updates subscribers model share investment portfolios which can be replicated via Standard Bank's Webtrader (global stocks) and the low-cost Easy Equities (SA stocks) platforms.

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