How to get a US green card with EB-5 and CMB Regional Centers

Keen to emigrate to the United States? Well, you don’t need to leave your fate up to Lady Luck by entering a green card lottery. CMB Regional Centers Vice President Matt Hogan spoke to BizNews about the investment opportunities offered by CMB’s EB-5 investor visa program. It gives investors the chance to obtain permanent residence in the US, which can lead to citizenship. The webinar was sponsored by CMB Regional Centers. – Claire Badenhorst

1. What is the EB-5 visa?

It was an employment-based fifth preference visa category created by the Immigration Act of 1990. Today, it’s a permanent residence program that allows you to immigrate to the US by investment. CMB’s premier EB-5 visa program lets investors invest a minimum of $900,000 into an open CMB EB-5 Project to ensure the creation of 10 new American jobs. The investor receives a green card for himself/herself, their spouse, and their unmarried children under 21 years. As a permanent resident, you will be able to live, work, and travel anywhere in the US.

2. Why should I pursue this visa?

You will get a green card to the US, and if you select an experienced, high-quality regional center that works with great developers and projects, you can recover your money over time. There is also no age restriction.

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3. Why would I use CMB Regional Center?

With over 20 years of experience, CMB specialises in the EB-5 visa. It also offers investment opportunities in a variety of industries to properly align with the goals and backgrounds of its diverse client portfolio. The company watches market trends to ensure that its investments have a high likelihood of success in immigration (and financially).

4. How many visas are offered per year?

10,000 green cards are reserved for EB-5 investors per annum. Every country is given an opportunity to earn 700 visas every year and what is left is then given to countries who have exceeded the 700-mark.

5. What kind of project would I be investing in?

CMB is currently focusing on EB-5 investments to fund logistics facilities for Fortune 500 internet retailers. As Covid-19 has changed how we shop (possibly forever), the logistics and online retail industries are projected to see significant growth for years to come. CMB is working with an award-winning developer, Hillwood Development Company, to create two build-to-suit (BTS) logistics facilities for Fortune 500 tenants.

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6. Aside from the money, are there any other vetting processes?

CMB recommends that you choose a qualified immigration attorney, a trusted tax consultant, and a reputable accountant to guide you through the entire process. CMB can also recommend several high-quality service providers.

7. From the time I invest with CMB, how long before I can enter the US?

Processing times vary, but a safe estimation is probably two to three years.

To learn more about the EB-5 Visa or CMB’s current EB-5 offerings, click here. For the full webinar with Matt Hogan, see below: 

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