Chris Foster: “I have a dream for SA in 2017…”

By Chris Foster*

Let’s dream shall we…

I have a dream that we have new leadership in this country that recognises everyone’s right to freedom. They adopt as a fundamental that the government is there to administer a justice system that “protects me from you and you from me” so that we all have equal rights. That no rights can be granted for one person or group at the expense of another person or group.

They recognise that the government is the greatest threat to individual freedom and that they are there only to ensure equality in the courts and provide for the defense of the country.

They recognise our right to own property and they protect property rights.

They reduce tax to a maximum of 15% or less, giving us the freedom to keep most of what we earn.

There is no company tax, duties, capital gains or other taxes because you can only tax people not things.

No DTI deriving tax from one group and subsidising politically motivated business plans.

SOE’s are privatised.

Trade in wildlife is legalised and game parks are privatised.

Schools are privatised and so are universities.

Health care is privatised

Roads and infrastructure are privatised

The state removes all restrictive laws for drugs, prostitution etc.

Absolutely no cognisance is taken of a person’s religion, colour, race,sexual preferences or other identities in the eyes of the law.

The state acts to protect our freedom of choice.

The government recognises that the vast majority of people are fundamentally good,capable, able and want to take care of themselves. That people are charitable and will naturally take care of those few that cannot provide for themselves.

The state recognises that we the people do wonderfully well without them if property rights are guaranteed and all are equal in the eyes of the law.

Finally,  I dream that the Springbok rugby team (free of a Sports ministry) regain their capability and beat the s**t  out of the AB’s and the other also rans!

When I wake I know that none of the above is possible because people still believe that governments are the panacea of all ills.

Why is that when their track records are so poor?

  • Chris Foster is a retired factory manager and lean production systems consultant. He’s an avid reader of Biznews and a believer in free enterprise.
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