Alec Hogg’s Inbox: Will vaccinations become a subject of medical discrimination and coercion?

Community member Sarah raised something that we haven’t – not yet anyway. Will be asking Discovery for its response. Sarah wrote:

One topic which I haven’t seen on BizNews yet is the subject of medical discrimination and coercion. It seems that Discovery is going to (already has?) implement a policy of charging more to those who are not injected with this experimental injection. This is surely illegal? For those who do not wish to be a part of a clinical trial why should they be discriminated against? And upon what basis? Where are the facts and statistics that prove either way that the injections work and that those who are not injected are at more risk?

Surely the insurance analysts are unbiased when it comes to assessing risks for infection from SARS-CoV-2?

And the Niemöller quote is so apt in these days of the new religion which we are all supposed to worship without protest….

Also on vaccinations, Harry de Vries had complimentary things to say about BizNews (always appreciated) and some interesting questions in his (as yet unanswered) letter to the head of SA’s Medical Research Council. We look forward to her response – or, indeed, a response from someone in the BizNews community who has help answer his excellent questions. Harry shared his letter to Prof Gray which reads….

Dear Prof. Gray

I appreciate your busy schedule and very limited time so please excuse my intrusion.

I do not expect a detailed response, just a link to the requested info would be much appreciated.

I just read your statement regarding “the only way to control the epidemic is with vaccinations” and would like to make an informed decision on the matter.

  1. I’m 54 and diagnosed with an astrocytoma. My medical team both locally and in the US have instructed me not to vaccinate under any circumstances due to the high risk of haemorrhaging, particularly due to the lipid particals potentially breaching the blood brain barrier. Is there a specific vaccine that you can recommend as safe or lower risk for me?
  2. Our whole family had covid 19 in December 2020 and it was confirmed by antibody presence during routine blood tests. Do we still need a vaccine? Surely exposure to the full spectrum of  “real” virus would promote a higher and longer lasting immune response than any vaccine targeting just the spike protein? Particularly as the entry point of natural exposure and resident antibodies are the mucus membranes as opposed to the arm muscle?
  3. I understand the vaccine efficacy is directly reliant on a strong immune system. I have however not been able to find any info from a trusted source such as yourself or even the health department regarding steps to take and or supplements that can strengthen or build up the immune system so as to improve the vaccine efficacy. Especially as it is such a vitally important and costly exercise.
  4. Can you please point me in the direction of some links of research in the long-term effects of mRNA or the current vaccines as to the progress of the required animal studies that is usually used to give an accelerated long term effects of each vaccine?

I remember from my own involvement in the medical research field that lab animals with short lifespans are used to predict possible long term effects in humans due to their accelerated metabolisms and smaller body mass etc.

I recognize that as a layman I don’t have access to the latest scientific research regarding the disease and the various vaccines as you do and find comfort in your professional declaration of their efficacy and safety.

I am however very uncomfortable that I cannot find any info on the animal studies that surely would provide us with a much clearer understanding of any potential long term effects.

Thank you for your leadership and taking up the immense responsibility during this challenging time!

There were also a couple of interesting responses in my inbox to Guy Whitcroft’s kakistocracy reference in Monday’s newsletter. Hercs from Bloemfontein wrote:

I laughed so hard at your new word, that I had tears in my eyes. Well done!

Aristotle wrote: “Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime” which I feel is also pertinent to our country today.

Continued success to you all.

Tim Elliott offered these insights, taking a swipe at the former SARS commissioner and once-time finance minister:

Guy Whitcroft’s descriptor “kakistocracy” evoked another pertinent thought which sums up the ANC leadership viz ineptocracy. It is truly astounding how many so-called ministers in Ramaphosa’s cabinet simply do not possess the required skill levels, qualifications and competence levels to manage their portfolios. A prime example is Pravin Gordhan, charged with sorting out the SOE debacle. Not once has this inept Minister faced the media to relate a “good news story” about an SOE that has been turned around. Look no further than SAA! He has sporadically trotted out inane statements about “strategies” and “plans” but the true position has worsened by the month. A succession of new CEO appointments (none of whom had airline industry experience) is symptomatic of Einstein’s definition of insanity. The sad reality of a kakistocracy and ineptocracy is that there is zero accountability for dismal leadership failure by politicians drowning in their own ineptitude.

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