The Daily Insider: Why we’re pro-vax at BizNews – the rational choice

I had occasion yesterday to call a friend who is a consistent source of sensible counsel. He’d followed the Covid-19 discussions on BizNews, especially in this newsletter, and offered what he calls a “pro-vax” perspective.

A mutual friend, he shared, came within a whisker of losing his life to the virus. Having just turned 70 and a cycling-mad fitness fanatic, our pal required a month in hospital to overcome the disease. Half of that was spent in the ICU. He was unvaccinated, not by choice but because there was a shortage of jabs in his hometown.

It’s stories like these – and Covid-19 deaths of healthy people you know – that provide balance to data-based arguments suggesting this disease isn’t that serious. The rational approach is how money manager Sean Peche looks at it: No matter what the odds, never gamble on something you can’t afford to lose.

For me, it’s a no-brainer to get vaccinated. Because should you become infected, as I was, the chance of losing life’s ultimate wager becomes massively lower. My infection was mild, thanks to the Pfizer vaccine. Without it, that may not have been the case. It’s your choice, of course, but the rational approach is rather obvious.

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