Daily Insider: Changing a Leopard’s Spots – an uplifting South African story

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Changing A Leopard’s Spots – an uplifting South African story 

Books for me are like body fat on a San hunter. I’ll never consume the stockpile, but that won’t stop me adding to it whenever the opportunity arises. 

Among the literally two dozen books in my ‘pending’ stack tells the story of a couple of trackers from Londolozi Game Reserve. Author Alex van den Heever, sent me a copy months ago. Every now and then he drops me a note to find out what I thought of ‘Changing a Leopard’s Spots.’ Next time he’ll get a sensible response. 

I thought, correctly as it happens, it would be the perfect companion for a long weekend bushveld break earlier this month. It’s an enthralling tale of how Alex and Renias Mhlongo forged an unlikely partnership tracking leopards. An unusual and uplifting journey overcoming cultural barriers.

Too many books get published, a great number with the sole intention of launching their producers onto the speaker circuit. This one is different. It’s a uniquely South African story about two perfect campfire companions. Serving a timely reminder that no matter how diverse our backgrounds appear, people always have far more in common than they would ever imagine.

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