Daily Insider: Chaos, Order and SLR’s meeting with Jordan Peterson

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Our London-based columnist Simon Lincoln-Reader proudly sent me pics proving he dined with bestselling author Jordan Peterson last week. SLR knows I’m a huge fan. As are most who have been exposed to the Canadian clinical psychologist turned media star’s groundbreaking books that help us make sense of our complex world.

His prime thesis, or at least one of his most important, is society is taken forward by those who willingly live in the Chaos that occurs before change. These outliers of society – think artists, inventors, entrepreneurs – risk stepping outside the parameters of normality. Mostly in the simple belief they can make things better.

Peterson provides compelling arguments why such Chaos is the prerequisite for an improved Order – ie a better world. But Chaos is embraced by only a few. Most Sapiens are wired to stay within comfort zones, seeking and finding safety in the status quo.

Embracing this reality has taken the edge off my own frustration and made me a lot more tolerant of those who see life differently. They just come from another place. If that rings a bell for you, invest time in reading.

Peterson’s masterpieces: 12 Rules For Life – An Antidote to Chaos and Beyond Order – 12 more rules for life. You won’t be sorry.

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