Private Wealth Global boosts US-based McFarlin Group’s global access

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Better access to the global market was behind US-based McFarlin Group’s decision to become a sponsor on Private Wealth Global’s marketplace, which went live in February 2021. The group, which invests in senior living developments, has been limited to US markets, but the tie-up with the locally based Private Wealth Global, a member of the Global Wealth Group, will allow it to tap into SA and European investors as well.

“As I learnt more about the Global Wealth Group and its broad reach to investors, we wanted to be able to offer something a little bit unique with a niche focus on senior living. The Global Wealth platform is unique, with an investor audience that is very synergistic with our investors,” said Matt Johnson, MD of the McFarlin Group. McFarlin joins the team of commercial property sponsors from around the world with which Private Wealth Global works, curating the subsequent investments for its global clients.

Attention to detail, along with a focus on high-net worth individuals, is shared by the two companies, ensuring they can forge a successful and productive alliance. Gabriela Farias, head of global revenue at Private Wealth Global, pointed out that the two companies share a strong commitment to completing a thorough due-diligence process before signing any deal. This is supported by Johnson. “We’ve learnt that due-diligence process is most important process of all. It is like the foundations of a house. We focus on due diligence to ensure we are making good investment decisions,” he said.

McFarlin’s particular focus is on senior living developments, an asset class that is set to see significant growth in the next five to 30 years due to the Boomer generation. “The oldest Boomer will turn 75 on January 1 this year, while the youngest turned 57, so there is a long period of growth ahead of us starting in four to five years when the Boomers start entering their eighties,” said Johnson. Farias describes senior living as “an interesting asset class because it is a combination of asset classes, including medical, residential and hospitality”.

Ultimately, investors will be the main beneficiaries of both the launch of Private Wealth Global and the presence of the McFarlin Group as a sponsor. Private Wealth Global is professionally managed and offers low-risk investments for high returns, said Farias. The team focuses on deals and takes care of compliance, offshore structuring and deal flow, allowing investors to focus on making the decisions that meet their particular investment goals.

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