Editorial: It’s into the closet with you, Ramaphosa

It’s been an unusually tumultuous time in SA – even by our standards – after former spyboss Arthur Fraser spilled the beans on Cyril’s cash couch. His political foes want him apprehended in a citizen’s arrest.


No mercy for the Guptas in SLR’s prison of the mind

Get ready to grab your dictionary and open your mind to a world in which South Africa’s worst export – no, not Vuvuzelas, but close – the Guptas are imprisoned inside a jail of Simon Lincoln Reader’s making.

Eco Ninjas

#FeelGoodFriday – Ninjas in Cape Town…what?

Reinie Swart is the CEO and founder of Eco Ninjas – a Cape-based company doing good and changing lives. It’s that simple. Doing this requires getting their hands dirty in mountains of waste.


Zimbabwe…from bread basket to bare shelves

Cathy Buckle paints a rather bleak picture of the status quo across the border where the once proud bread basket of Africa cannot even supply maize meal to stock supermarket shelves.