Biznews servers suffer cyber attack as Belvedere Ponzi story gains traction. Co-incidence?

By Alec Hogg

I’m often grateful for experience. And was once again last night and during the course of today when was subjected to a malicious cyber attack. An IP address –  – which belongs to Europ Assistance hit the site with tens of thousands of queries – described by our technical team as a flood of “rubbish traffic – attempting to perform a denial of service attack.” The IP address used for the attack resides with Internet Solutions, a subsidiary of Dimension Data, itself a subsidiary of Japanese giant NTT.

Biznews is hosted with a major service provider offshore behind some of the best protection money can buy. But even they struggled to identify why an IP address from  “South Africa, Gauteng, Alberton” hit both of our servers with over 100 000 queries in a matter of minutes. I’ve got an idea. My experience suggests it has something to do with our stories on the Belvedere Ponzi scandal involving Capetonian Cobus Kellermann and his Mauritius-based partner David Cosgrove. All in a day’s work, perhaps, when one crosses swords with billionaire Ponzi scheme operators.

What do you think?

 * Click here to read the “back story” and access links to all the coverage of the Belvedere saga.

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