BNC#5: Gayton McKenzie Q&A – Zille is Rainbow Coalition’s problem; if she goes, kingmaking PA back in the fold

Patriotic Alliance leader, the ‘uncancellable’ Gayton McKenzie, answers questions in the Drakensberg in conversation with Alec Hogg and the BizNews community. He takes us into the back rooms of coalition negotiations and why his ‘kingmaking’ Patriotic Alliance will vote with the ANC for as long as Helen Zille remains chair of the DA. The conversation also covers topics ranging from McKenzie’s relationship with global entrepreneur Rob Hersov; the popularity of former president Jacob Zuma; the need for a Rwanda-style benevolent dictatorship in SA; and how personal experiences shape his argument to re-introduce the Death Penalty. Fascinating.

See timestamped topics below:

  • 00:00 Alec Hogg on Gayton McKenzie being a filter-free politician
  • 00:30 Gayton on being ‘uncancellable’
  • 01:30 Gayton on having “F you” money and people that love him
  • 02:07 On President Cyril Ramaphosa and Jacob Zuma
  • 04:00 On the Child Support Grant in SA
  • 04:57 On the ANC missing the biggest opportunity in 1994
  • 06:12 The best thing that could happen with the ANC
  • 07:22 Why SA needs a benevolent dictator and the death penalty
  • 09:10 On his remarks about Helen Zille during his BNC#5 presentation
  • 12:15 On Zille being the problem
  • 13:33 On Rob Hersov and not accepting funds from him
  • 14:42 On what he would do if Zille were voted out as federal chair in April
  • 16:08 On Herman Mashaba and what Mashaba did for him
  • 18:37 On the ANC’s relationship with Russia and Putin
  • 20:45 The DA / PA show in the Western Cape
  • 26:16 On the DA losing relevance under Zille’s rule
  • 27:56 On his stance on BEE and why he started a party only for coloured people
  • 31:25 On “black tax”
  • 32:55 On the constituency of small to medium enterprises
  • 35:25 On the power of small business and transforming the economy 
  • 36:36 On race being SA’s biggest problem

Extracts from Alec Hogg and BNC#5 delegates’ Q&A with Gayton McKenzie

Gayton McKenzie on why Helen Zille is the problem

We are scared to pinpoint where the problem lies. 2024: there is no government that will be formed in this country without the Patriotic Alliance. Who, ever, will form a government? And it’s not wishful thinking. What’s happening in the City of Jo’burg? If I decide tomorrow, “we want to leave”, – the government will collapse. That’s what’s going to happen in 2024. And I’m saying on this stage at BizNews, as long as Helen Zille is there, we will never go into coalition. We will go with the ANC because we can’t go and give the South African society to a person that must be with the grandkids and not bicker with us like we are grandkids. She’s the problem. 

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On the best thing that could happen with the ANC

The ANC has lost the plot. The best thing that can happen to the ANC is going into opposition. For them to truly, truly understand simple things. When I became mayor there, the most simple thing – people were using bucket toilets in some of the areas. I said, “In 100 days if I don’t remove these bucket toilets, I must resign.” I said it publicly. I said I would resign. The DA and the ANC were in charge. For eighty years, people were flushing toilets for the first time. I did it in 100 days. 

And I did it with corporate South Africa. I didn’t do it alone. And you need corporate South Africa. But now, in South Africa, they call you guys the enemy. They call people like Rob [Hersov] the enemy instead of bringing people like that and saying, “How do you do it in corporate South Africa?”. Any businessman going into politics will be frustrated with the slow pace of delivery and the slow pace of doing things.

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