🔒 Boardroom Talk: Bad news for 2024 Rainbow Coalition – ASA, PA are out if DA’s Zille stays involved

By Alec Hogg

Judging by their contributions to BNC#5 last week, SA’s two fastest-growing political parties, which the DA-led Rainbow Coalition (anti-ANC/EFF) will need to get over the 50% line in next year’s election, are currently doubtful participants. Their leaders say unless 72-year-old Helen Zille leaves DA leadership, they won’t participate. 

Gayton MacKenzie, the founder of the Patriotic Alliance, used his keynote address to rant about Zille even more intensely than his populist favourites of illegal foreigners and the death penalty. Herman Mashaba of Action SA was more measured but equally critical. Which seems counter-productive. The DA is unlikely to allow competitors to dictate its leadership choices at next month’s congress.


For her part, during our extended Nightcap discussion, Zille countered brilliantly but also admitted a DA/ANC alliance after 2024 was possible as “the second worst option” (ANC/EFF being the worst). The other two agreed to a get-past-our differences meeting facilitated by someone like Canadian psychologist Jordan Petersen. Zille sees little sense in that idea. 

This doesn’t augur well for those hoping for change. Antagonism between opposition parties is cited in polling of ANC and non-voters as the major reason for their inertia. The good news for an increasingly despondent nation is the election is still 14 months away. That’s a lifetime in politics. 

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