🔒 Boardroom Talk – GIS reflects how world sees SA: Lost promise, naivety around its Russian ties

By Alec Hogg

With geopolitics so critical for open economies like South Africa’s, it behoves someone in my line of work to access various international sources. Among my favourites is Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG, the creation of Prince Michael of Liechtenstein.

Two reasons. First, a chance Davos meeting some years back with the principality’s finance minister, whose global insights – including about SA – really impressed me. Second, Prince Michael himself is closely connected with Africa, having worked on the continent while employed by Nestlé.


In this week’s GIS newsletter, the Prince comments on SA’s close ties with Russia noting that “the really interesting aspect in all this is that Pretoria’s actions reflect how many African countries do not regard the Ukraine conflict as directly relevant to their interests. Meanwhile, Russia’s influence in Africa continues to grow.”

The GIS missive also refers to a piece from African affairs expert Dr Teresa Pinto, which helps us better understand how the world sees SA. It is the first time I’ve seen a reputable global commentator include Cape Secession (Capexit) as part of possible scenarios. No longer the fantasy of a fringe element perhaps?



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