🔒 Boardroom Talk – Sometimes we over-complicate things, as the latest US inflation numbers show us

By Alec Hogg

The image below from our partners at the Financial Times in London tells the story. Yesterday, the US released its consumer price index for June which was just 3% above that of a year ago. This means its official inflation rate is rapidly approaching the US Federal Reserve’s target of 2%.

That’s important to us for two big reasons. First, ratcheting up of US interest rates was a direct response to higher inflation. With the monster under control, there is now no need for further rate increases. What happens in the world’s largest economy impacts all others, including SA. So the worst of the rate cycle is behind us.

Second, there’s a predictable knock on effect. Lower inflation means lower interest rates which means improved economic activity and better company profits. That translates into higher share prices. Those fretting about “a second shoe dropping” and other dire predictions on stocks are likely to be proven wrong.

As we think, so we are. Sometimes we sapiens add unnecessary complexity to our lives. Staying in the broad streams makes things a lot easier. Interest rates have peaked, which has always been a signal for higher equity prices. Don’t try to second guess the trend. Believe it.    



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