🔒 Boardroom Talk – Need a boost? Catch up with someone in the tourism sector

By Alec Hogg

In the early years of BizNews, the company kept its bills paid by pimping me out for MC assignments, presentations and pretty much anything else that could legally bring in the bucks. Those assignments took me to some interesting parts of the country and also provided some interesting adventures.

Once I chartered a small plane to get from Joburg to PMB in time for a lunchtime talk; on another occasion, a horrible little hired Polo was my prison for a day’s drive from Bloem to Nelspruit. Topping that was the chicken mayo-inspired poisoning ahead of an SAA flight from ORT to Cape Town.


Not surprisingly, after those incidents, none of those clients were repeat bookers.

Having done my share of that kind of work, nowadays, it’s strictly BizNews-only events. But it’s not easy to decline invitations to help non-profits in a new home town. So yesterday I found myself moderating a few panels at a tourism indaba organised by the Overstrand Municipality. And was pleased I did.

If anyone deserves a gold star for resilience, it’s those who earn their living serving in this Covid-hammered sector. What struck me most, though, was the optimism of from the podium and those in attendance. No whining about the government, bureaucracy or labour laws. It was 100% ‘Boer maak ‘n plan’ stuff. Creative. Enthusiastic. Uplifting. Seems to be a job requirement in hospitality.

So next time you’re shellshocked by the never-ending bad news headlines that keep assaulting us, make a call to someone who works in tourism. And the sun is sure to shine again.  



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