🔒 Boardroom Talk – Inside EFF’s weekend meeting where Julius instructed “ground forces”

By Alec Hogg

I’ve known Dirk Hartford for a long time during which I’ve enjoyed his company and always respected his professionalism. He has impeccable ‘struggle’ credentials stemming from the pre-democracy era, balanced by a successful career in the media business.

It’s a delight to have my old pal contributing to BizNews, providing perspectives that will be increasingly important as we get closer to the watershed 2024 National Election. Dirk’s piece below is an example of what the media has been missing – the rapid rise of the EFF.


The popular perception is that Julius Malema’s party’s vote will stagnate around the 10% mark so its radical, hugely destructive economic policies are thus no worry to SA. To her credit, Helen Zille has been warning against such complacency – including in her brilliant address at the March 2022 BizNews Conference (click here).

Hartford’s article re-affirms the real threat posed by the man we at BizNews have described as SA’s Chavez-in-waiting (click here). By-election results show that as things stand, Malema’s Springbok-hating red machine has been the biggest beneficiary of an ANC death spiral. We should all be paying close attention.



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