🔒 Boardroom Talk – Hartford unravels the enigma that is Cyril Ramaphosa

By Alec Hogg

We launched BizNews Premium seven years ago today, on 16 November 2016. Today’s newsletter was planned to announce the relaunch our revamped Premium with our new service provider Steady.


But as you well know from yesterday’s inbox, Murphy’s Law intervened so the “announcement” happened by accident (hopefully you noticed its date). Just as well we didn’t have some grand marketing plan……

As it happens, things do seem to be working out well already. The new Steady back end does require that you need to sign in once again to access the Premium articles on BizNews.com. In the weeks ahead, you’ll see more of the  🔒 images in the headlines, to show that content is only available to Premium members.

In other words, BizNews now works in the same way as you’ll be familiar with from other well-known media brands. All our articles will now be available for everyone to see – but just the first few lines of the Premium content. Only members will be able to read the whole article. After you’re activated your access, that happens automatically.

There is no limit to the number of devices you can log in from. But please don’t share your login credentials with others. Just be fair.  

So please do so now. Here’s the painless two-step process to activate your access:

1. Set a new password, using the address in this email – which is already listed with Steady.  Click on: Set password now.

2. Next, log in with the new password. Click on: Log in now.  

Otherwise, nothing changes for you. Your membership fee, is unchanged. We have suspended the former payment service provider so there will be no double deduction – your credit card will only be charged when your membership renews. 

This is a big step for us on the road to delivering even better service to our tribe. Thanks for being with us in this journey to secure your sustainable, independent media voice.



PS Please read Dirk Hartford’s excellent Op-Ed below. The ultimate insider’s perspectives will explain much that might have confused you.  

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