๐Ÿ”’ Boardroom Talk – A new government for SA is becoming an ever likely probability

Alec Hoggโ€™s newsletter for Premium members. Tuesday, 21st November 2023

Plenty of uplifting material for you today to help you through Mampara Week (if youโ€™re not sure that that means, have a watch of GG and Zoezie, click here.)


Among them is my interview with the DAโ€™s 2024 Election campaign manager Greg Krumbock. I quizzed him on the credibility of the partyโ€™s internal poll which has the DA within seven percentage points of the ANC nationally. Having listened carefully left satisfied itโ€™s a number we can trust. Roll on 2024.

Krumbock, a long-time DA MP who commutes weekly from the capital of Pappasland (Howick) to Cape Town, says signs point to SAโ€™s watershed election being held on May 22 next year. President Cyril Ramaphosa must call it some time between May and August.

Itโ€™s not just the DAโ€™s own polls which shows the momentum is against the ANC. By-election results consistently show increases in the DA share of the vote and declines for the ANC. Also, the way Krumbock tells it the past weekendโ€™s Voter Registration was a major success for the official opposition. For all the inside, click here.

Another absolute must for you today is RW Johnsonโ€™s op-ed on why South African voters have tired of the ANC always blaming apartheid for the countryโ€™s ills. RWโ€™s piece makes for riveting reading – and a wake-up call for the deluded Blue Light Brigaders.

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RW Johnson: Apartheid, ANCโ€™s foundation myth, not working so well anymore 

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