🔒 Boardroom Talk – Zille’s prediction of a Blue v Red battle for SA now blindingly obvious to all

Alec Hogg’s newsletter for Premium members. Thursday, 22 November 2023

At BNC#2 in September 2021, for the umpteenth time DA Federal chair Helen Zille shared a forecast on South African politics that was way ahead of its time – and uncannily accurate. Remember, this was two months before SA’s Local Government Elections where the decline of the ANC became truly evident for the first time.


Zille used a clipboard to draw a triangle (see above) with the ANC at the top, the DA on the right and EFF on the left. Her prediction – the ANC was in terminal decline and would soon lose power. What replaced it would be determined by whether its followers – and the rest of South Africa – chose between her party and Malema’s. You can watch that prescient 20 minute address below.

Much as any open economy-supporting democrat will hate to hear it, so far the EFF is doing the ANC most damage. By-election results since the November 2021 local election show the EFF has captured nine formerly safe ANC wards; an achievement surpassed only by the IPF’s 11 victories over the ANC in its KZN heartland. DA has won one and lost two in head-to-head against the ANC.

Two fresh pieces on BizNews talk to this:

Further developments, too, in the BHI Ponzi story where Chris’s reporting has been peerless. Here’s what you might have missed:



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