Solidarity: SABC censorship blatant violation of human rights

Solidarity media statement


Trade union Solidarity today said that the broadcasting measures instituted by the SABC amount to selective censorship. This comes after the SABC this week clearly showed its political colours by seemingly having instructed that the RSG radio programme, Kommentaar, be removed from the station’s programme schedule.

According to Anton van der Bijl, head of Solidarity’s Centre for Fair Labour Practices, these measures clearly constitute a form of improper censorship. “Those measures make it clear once and for all that the SABC has implemented certain censorship measures to score political points. It is clear that such measures are unfair and a gross violation of the public’s basic human rights as contained in the Constitution,” Van der Bijl said.

Van der Bijl also said that any disciplinary steps taken against persons who are exercising their constitutional rights would likely be grossly unfair. “We will not hesitate to protect such persons and we believe we have an obligation under the Constitution to take a stand against such abuses,” Van der Bijl cautioned.

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