Hlaudi folds – SABC journos return to work, victory for free speech

Solidarity media statement

In a final victory over the SABC’s censorship policy, the public broadcaster finally conceded to allow the four journalists, who had been dismissed, to return to work tomorrow morning. This comes after the SABC this morning showed the door to the four dismissed journalists when they had arrived for work in accordance with yesterday’s Labour Court ruling.


Solidarity, however, issued an ultimatum to the SABC to allow its members back at their workplace before 16:00 today, failing which the trade union would bring a compliance order and an application for contempt of court against the broadcaster before court. In response, the SABC confirmed in writing that the SABC 4 may return to work tomorrow.

“Solidarity and the journalists are obviously very relieved about the latest development. However, we are disappointed that we had to threaten further court action before the dismissed journalists were allowed back at work. The journalists are also relieved that they will now be able to do what they do best – namely to report objectively, especially on the coming local elections,” Hermann said.

Hermann added that this was a strategic victory and emphasised that the war has not yet been won. “We call on civic organisations to intensify pressure on the SABC and parliament to bring about a change in leadership at the SABC,” Hermann said.