FNB targets millennials; goes with SnapChat

FNB media release

FNB became the first brand in Africa to launch a branded SnapChat lens, and the first financial institution in South Africa to use Snapchat filters, as an interactive social media experience to drive brand engagement amongst millennials.

Since the phased introduction of the concept in December 2017, Snapchat users in South Africa have spent the equivalent of one and a half years interacting with FNB’s content on the platform.

In partnership with Snapchat through their appointed reseller, Ad Dynamo, the FNB campaigns featured on Snapchat are interactive, fully-customised and deliver on unique customer experiences that are designed to reinforce that the brand is at the forefront of technological innovation and lifestyle enablement.

SnapChat, Times Square

“Finding innovative ways to engage with our customers through interactive social channels has been part of the FNB digital marketing strategy for many years,” says Suzanne Myburgh, FNB’s Digital Marketing and Media Head.

“Partnerships with popular social technologies like Snapchat has helped distinguish FNB as a brand that continuously disrupts, innovates and creates; with the customer in mind. Audiences have changed and seem to adopt channels and platforms that entice, and provide solutions that are quick, transparent, efficient and easy to use. The use of such platforms aims to empower our customers to make their experience with the brand fun and enjoyable. It also allows customers to co-create content on the platform through the various FNB branded SnapChat filters and lenses” says Suzanne Myburgh.

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Crayg Hitzeroth, Managing Director, Ad Dynamo Johannesburg, “We are delighted to have been part of this unique social experience and will continue to collaborate with FNB to drive innovative practices that focus on customer-centric experiences. FNB’s Snapchat strategy is a culmination of creative executions that broke through the clutter and set the stage for local SnapChat creative excellence. The end-result was an engaging campaign that enticed both existing and non-existing FNB customers.”

FNB continues to move-ahead and focus on driving innovation on digital platforms. Innovation continues to challenge and disrupt.

“Being able to implement such a campaign, to a young audience, has helped the brand remain authentic and touched on audiences that are always on the go. Our customers have an emotional connection with technology and this innovation compliments FNB’s existing touch points of ensuring that we remain relevant to our customers all the time,” concludes Myburgh.