Zweli Mkhize denies requesting PIC funds for the ANC

By Zweli Mkhize

I have received several media queries regarding an alleged request by myself as former Treasurer-General of the African National Congress to the PIC to fund an ANC event. I understand these allegations emanate from testimony and proceedings at the PIC Inquiry underway in Pretoria. I wish to categorically state that at no point did I, or the Treasurer General’s office, request funding from any state owned entity, including the PIC.

It is publicly known that the ANC, through the Progressive Business Forum (PBF), in an ongoing process, facilitates engagements between the business community and political leaders. As a political party, we raise funds from individuals and companies who are members of the PBF and supporters of the ANC.

While I do not have any recollection of sending former CEO Mr Dan Matjila a message, it is highly likely that he may have received an invitation as an individual to one of the the PBF-hosted breakfasts or dinners. Seats to these events can be purchased from R1,000. In the case of the breakfasts, they sometimes take place on the sidelines on the ANC’s January 8th event.

By extending an invitation to any of our events, the ANC does not, in any way whatsoever, expect the invitee, including Mr Matjila, to solicit funds for the organisation from a state owned entity, and event and more, pressurise third parties to donate towards the funding of such events.

Fundraising is essentially about voluntary contributions.

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