Open Society condemns upswing in gender violence, xenophobia

Open Society media statement:

The Open Society Foundation for South Africa (OSF-SA) strongly condemns the recent incidents of violence against women and attacks on non-South Africans.

These horrific incidents reflect extreme and unacceptable levels of violence indicative of a deep-rooted crisis of brutality, intolerance and aggression in our society.

To effectively tackle the scourge of violence particularly xenophobia and gender-based violence, a strong, collaborative and unified campaign involving government and civil society is necessary and imperative.

As the OSF-SA, we call on all South Africans to condemn the senseless violence and to collectively deal with this problem in all its manifestations to ensure a safe South Africa for all.

We appreciate the President’s announcement that he will be meeting with the leadership of the SA Police Services to be briefed on their actions in respect of steps taken to stem the tide of gender-based violence in the country.

In addition, we call on the President and his Government to work with civil society to strengthen the Criminal Justice System and to promote the accountability of the Police in ensuring the safety and security for all in South Africa.

OSF-SA will continue to support its grantees who work tirelessly to address the scourge of violence against women, children and xenophobia that plague our society.

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