Is it a plane? Is it Jonty Rhodes? No, it’s a bird. Get remote.

In this week’s tech review, Coolfidence’s Brendan Jack gets his finger on a bird. Not the pigeon that leaves excrement on your newly painted wall but a remote control. It’s a concept that may take some getting used to but as Jack says, it may add a little something to that boring sales pitch. And it’s more than just an elevator presentition tool, you can also use it to control a drone, or even switch on your home’s air conditioner when you’re stuck to the leather couch. Nifty, check it out. – Stuart Lowman

by Brendan Jack*

Ever since Tom Cruise popularised interactive hand gesture displays in Minority Report (2002), many of us have imagined conjuring up images with the swipe of a hand to explain our ideas or sell a concept. With Bird from Muv, we get to do it. Even boring presentations can have an added dimension to distract from their content.

The sleek remote control attaches to your finger, with an accelerometer and sensors to detect movement, location, orientation, force, and proximity to objects, triggering interactions with digital displays. Point, swipe, pinch and tap to create interactive demonstrations using these gesture-based controls.

Elevator pitches can now be enhanced, by projecting images onto the elevator door.

Bird’s motion and direction sensors also pair with smart gadgets in the household. For instance, change the air-conditioner temperature, answering phone calls or adjusting lighting, TV settings and music tracks – from up to 100 feet away. You can apparently even fly a drone with your finger, as well as set up a virtual screen to be used as a canvas for children to digitally draw on walls.

So next time someone’s not listening to your presentation in a meeting, give them the Bird.

  • Brendan Jack is one of the team members at Coolfidence. Filmmaking, comedy, marketing, writing, his fondness is for all of them. Stories seem to be his common thread, engaging people’s minds and eyeballs. Whether you’re a stranger or friend, stories and ideas connect. From the mundane to the fantastical, all ideas are welcome to be discussed at his corner table next to those old leather couches.
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