What will a 2021 high school classroom look like?

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Online learning in a physical campus classroom space.

The traditional school classroom hasn’t evolved much beyond neatly arranged single-file wooden desks engraved with generations of learners’ initials, a front row, the back row where all the naughty kids pass notes, break time, a school bell and a teacher up front giving class.

But what if there was no back row?

What if a classroom could be the best of both the online learning space, while still allowing parents the ease of dropping kids off at a physical space so that they can go about their workday unaffected?

Primary, secondary, and tertiary school learners across the world had to adapt to makeshift virtual classrooms during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, but online schooling can be so much more. It can even exist in a physical classroom environment.

In January 2021, students at Valenture Institute, a global online high school will be able to choose to learn online-only (the school’s core offering from inception in 2019) or to attend a Boutique Campus with exclusive features and facilities. Valenture recently opened its doors to prospective parents and students at their Dunkeld, Joburg, and Newlands, Cape Town campuses to show them what the future of high school looks like.

Valenture Institute’s Dunkeld campus, launching January 2021.

How will this work?

Think ‘coworking space’ for learners between Grade 8 & 13. A place for classmates to create, collaborate in person, this future-forward schooling environment is the ideal place for high-schoolers to spend their days studying a challenging British curriculum online in live, timetabled classes alongside their global classmates.

Classes are engaging and interactive and encourage students to show their true personalities and express their honest opinions. The online classroom is not a space of isolation at Valenture as its ‘online school building’ was designed carefully by learning designers and technologists to empower students to make meaningful connections with both their peers and their teachers. A facilitator will be on-site daily at these campuses to assist students wherever needs be; and students will have regular catchup sessions with their mentors who are there to guide them along their academic journey.

But there’s even more to it. Like most coworking spaces, there are perks like an espresso machine and a smoothie bar. Campus life, luckily means perks for both students and their parents who have access to exclusive services offered by each school campus, e.g. a grocery delivery service for their household, catered take-away meals, on-demand transport, a production space, private study pods, and fitness facilities.

This truly is a high school of the future, in existence today.

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