15 killed at Nigerian oil facility by suicide bombers

Africa’s top oil producer is failing miserably in its attempts to bring an end to Islamic insurgency.  This latest incident, in which 15 people were killed, at a state oil company facility is another blow to President Goodluck Jonathan ahead of elections next year. Terrorism is the leading security threat in Nigeria, touching every sector … Read more

whaling, japan versus greenpeace

Aussies welcome Whaling ban. WA shark cull continues – Brief

Australian political leaders who took Japan to the International Court of Justice over its hunting of whales welcome the decision to ban the practice. Former Labor Party environment minister Peter Garrett expresses joy over the ruling that Japan should stop killing whales in the name of science. “To have this ruling from the international court, … Read more

Elephant poaching biznews green

Drones brought in to curb Kenya’s poaching scourge

Broadening the application of the latest technological advancements stimulates development and growth within industry. The benefits of such expansive and exponential growth can be seen on the ground, where Kenyan hero’s strive to save not only wild animals, but an African identity. Africa without elephants or rhino’s wouldn’t really be Africa. The use of drones, combined … Read more

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Abalone – South Africa’s ‘white gold’ disappearing at an alarming rate. Is Asia’s appetite unstoppable?

Abalone, or perlemoen, were once common in South African households. Unregulated poaching combined with a lack of enforcement capacity has placed the population in trouble. In 2007 South Africa listed abalone as a CITES III endangered species, it was removed in 2010 to enable local abalone farms to export their precious ‘white gold’. Poaching of abalone now takes place … Read more

China going green?

Economy and environment go hand in hand – China

The below article concludes that little progress has been made but China does look to be on the right track when it comes to environmental awakening. The economy and environment do go hand in hand, and this will become more apparent as time goes on. Extreme weather and climate change damages power supply, the oil and … Read more