Germany pushes faster route for new brain cancer drug

German health regulators, the toughest in Europe, have granted Northwest Biotherapeutics special permission to sell its experimental brain cancer drug, DCVax-L in the country, even though the small US  biotechnology company has not completed late-stage trial of the immunotherapy. The special “hospital exemption” would allow Northwest to sell DCVax-L for five years, and seek renewed … Read more

Gene editing could be a path to HIV/Aids treatment

A genetic strategy to modify cells from people infected with HIV could become a way to control the virus that causes Aids without antiviral drugs. That’s according to results from an early-stage small study of the Sangamo BioSciences therapy,  issued in the New England Journal of Medicine. The findings  represent first publication of data from … Read more

Drunk driving – it could take just one tipple

You may have only had one glass of wine with dinner, or a beer at the braai, but if you’re 55 or older, that single serving may hit you hard enough to make you a dangerous, drunk driver. So, baby boomers, US scientists say what you may have suspected is true: you can’t party like … Read more

Sugar-free eating: why it may pay to quit the sweet stuff

It is regularly called ‘white poison’, toxic, deadly, addictive, a killer, and the driver behind obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer – just about the worst PR anyone could ever imagine. But does sugar really deserve such a bad rep? Yes and no, depending on who you speak to. Some nutrition specialists … Read more

Statins – more calls for wider use despite research showing ‘absence of evidence of overall benefit’

There’s something about statins that makes even the most intelligent doctor say silly things – such as that everyone over 40 should take them, even that children should be given them. Statins  have a reputation as  ‘wonder drugs’ for prevention of deaths from cardiovascular disease. The real wonder is how these drugs have become the … Read more

Ian Thorpe – how a mentor could show him the way out of depression’s darkest waters

A blog on BizNews about Australian Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe going into rehab for depression recently,  raised the question: can depression ever be beaten? Human brand specialist, brand wellness consultant, educator and author Robert Opie argues that just like Everest, depression can never be truly “beaten”. The mentally healthy trick, he says,  is to work with … Read more

Swimming is healthy for your heart – and the rest of you

Your heart rate can change in seconds, depending on what you are doing and feeling, whether you are standing up, sitting down,  exercising vigorously, or having a romantic Valentine’s Day tryst. The aim is to get your heart rate up often enough, so that  settles down into a slow rate at rest. That will help … Read more

‘White poison’ – sugar should be classified as ‘a Class A drug’

It has been called ‘white poison’, which may be a little extreme – to some. Sugar in moderation is not necessarily damaging to your health, and it is a source of energy. However, it’s easy to consume far too much. Sugar is common not only in carbonated soft drinks, chocolates, cakes and sweets, but also … Read more